Frida, Food and Fear

No Complaints #170

Two things I need to tell you before we get to the links today.

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Right, back to the usual stuff.

Things to read

“The discovery was a shock. But for Aaron, the human remains sunk below a layer of concrete in his boyhood home snapped the jumbled pieces of a family mystery into place. In January 1993, his mother, Bonnie Haim, had vanished. Police suspected her husband, Aaron’s father, Michael Haim, of killing his wife. Those suspicions started with what Aaron, who was then 3, had told authorities.”
Honestly, the wildest true crime story you’ll ever read. Email to Pocket.

“Dorsey’s comments didn’t raise a flag for me. They looked like the front of the United Nations building. But it’s easy for Dorsey, a man who’s hacking his own biology, to say these things and be defended online. I’m frustrated that I’ve been conditioned to raise an eyebrow when a powerful woman like Jenna Lyons says she only eats two tomato soups for lunch each day — but that when a powerful man, Dorsey, describes eating habits that have clear potential for real health damage, people will rabidly defend him.”
At what point does tech bro biohacking become just another potentially harmful personal habit? Email to Pocket.

“But here’s the most surprising thing about all these spreadsheets: They’re enjoyable. You could use productivity apps to track your habits, but they’re not as endlessly customizable, creative, or purposeful as spreadsheets. It’s fun to puzzle out the best way to organize them and maximize the amount of information you can include without making them unwieldy. And it’s a joy to see them fill up and show off all the books you’ve read this year or how much you’ve exercised.”
Finally, I feel validated for my extreme spreadsheet addiction. Email to Pocket.

“The popularity of these graphic accounts runs contrary to Instagram’s reputation as full of only the glossiest fare, from cosmetics to the cosmetically-enhanced. They’re memorable, if nothing else, and often mesmerizing; I had a nightmare that featured the black ooze in a @crimescenecleanersinc post about a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Revulsion, it seems, can win just as many followers as beauty and fame.”
Unlikely Instagram influencers alert: crime scene clean up experts. People really love looking at pictures of decomposing bodies, apparently. Email to Pocket.

“I do, however, very much enjoy the non-spam correspondence. An email is a glimpse into another life, a fragment of a story. Maybe I love getting other people’s mail because I am a fiction writer. Maybe I’m a fiction writer because I love getting other people’s mail. Chicken or egg, I do not know. All I know is it gives me a little rush. I read my misdirected correspondence carefully. I read it nosily. I read it with a little voyeuristic thrill and odd surprising pangs of envy. Rationally I know that to share a name with someone is a simple, random thing. Irrationally I can’t help but feel connected to the other Rachel Lyons of the world.”
I loved this piece about the little secrets we know about our internet doppelgangers (not least because I have someone who I think of as “the Other Caroline Crampton” who has been mistakenly telling people my email address is hers for years; I know how much her house sold for, for instance, and how her children are getting on in school). Email to Pocket.

Things to listen to

Jonathan Zenti’s Meat. Susan Calman’s sadness. Samin Nosrat’s fears.

Don’t forget, great podcast recommendations like this every day if you get on this link fast enough.

Things to watch

Yes, Frida.

I should probably try this.

I would watch a romcom about the two lead vocalists here.

Compulsory medieval thingamabob

Gone fishing.

The guest gif

Keep smiling.