Millennials, Monkeys and the Moon

Shoes, Shareholders and Shocks

Clickbait, Creators and Christie

Ballet, Bedtime and Britney

Heaven, Havana and Home

Waves, wishes and women

Parchment, Profit and Potter

Geeks, Gould and a Goodbye

Pop, Pens and a Prawn

Solitude, Space and a Snack

Bees, bombs and a bargain

Bats, Bjork and Baggage

Diet, Disaster and the Dinkus

Owls, Oculism and Outside

Mist, Mystery and Magic

Fame, Fans and Forever

Rowdy, Rage and Rabbits

Bees, Biographies and Bookplates

Layers, Laundry and Lambs

Pages, Patricia and the Past

Crimes, Crusades and Crickets

Swanage, Sally and Snobs

Hamilton, Hands and Happiness

Pancakes, Pity and Potter

Stanley, Sounds and the Squirrel

Buster, Ballet and Balls

Wax, Winter and Work

Matrons, Mothers and Music

Bill, Babies and Big Air

Trains, Trays and Toenails

Aluminium, Apostrophes and Animation

There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet. This is what I've found so far.